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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario
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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario

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Crime Stoppers operates through a civilian Board of Directors made up of volunteer members representing various sectors of the community.  These Board Members oversee the general operation of the program and administer the funds received through public donations. 

The police coordinator is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Program and also acts as a liaison between law enforcement agencies, the Board of Directors and local news media.  


In Canada there are three levels of the Crime Stoppers Programs beyond local. The three levels are provincial, national and international.  All three levels are non-profit agencies that receive no Government funding and that rely on financial support from the community at large.

Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers

Formed in 1988 to help Ontario Crime Stoppers programs, the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers(OACS) assists new programs through the starting up process, promotes Crime Stoppers to the general public, ensures consistency in the policies and practices of the Ontario programs and arbitrates any disputes or misunderstandings between programs. Presently there are 39 Crime Stoppers Programs in the Province of Ontario that cover all areas of the province.  Each Program is incorporated and owned and run by the citizens of that community.

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association

This Board is an organization comprised of representatives from Crime Stoppers programs across Canada.

Crime Stoppers International
Founded in 1982, Crime Stoppers International (CSI) is the "umbrella" organization for Crime Stoppers programs around the globe. The number of programs has grown to more than 1,200 in 26 countries around the world.

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