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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario
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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario

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In 1987 two programs, Sudbury Regional Crime Stoppers which covered all of Greater Sudbury and Rainbow Country Crime Stoppers which covered the geographical area encompassing the Water Shed, Elliot Lake, the North Shore, Espanola, Manitoulin Island, Killarney, French River, Britt, Alban, Noelville and Warren were established to provide a proactive way for the community to assist police in the fight against crime.


In 1993 the programs were amalgamated to become even more effective, forming Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers.


The Board of Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers consists of up to 30 volunteer directors from the community. The Board of Directors sets the policies for the operation of the program and raises money from the community to pay rewards and cover administrative costs. 

At present, two police officers are designated as police coordinators for our local Crime Stoppers Program.  In addition to the two police coordinators, liaison representatives from the RCMP, MNR and First Nations work with the Program. The current coordinators are Constable Albert (Bert) Lapalme of Greater Sudbury Police Services and Constable Rob St. Marseille of the Ontario Provincial Police.


              Cst. Bert Lapalme                             Cst. Rob St. Marseille
     Greater Sudbury Police Service                 Ontario Provincial Police

In the past year Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers has been presented with Provincial and International awards for excellence and for civilian achievement.  As well, they have received several productivity and media awards by the Provincial organization and other Programs in Ontario as well as several awards from the Ontario Crime Control Commission. Over the years, several members of the program have been presented with awards by the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers.

 Since inception Crime Stoppers has done its part to help make communities in Sudbury and surrounding areas safer places in which to live.


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