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Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers is pleased to partner with Greater Sudbury Police Services, Ontario Provincial Police, Emergency Responders and True Steel Security in the Care Link Medical Information File initiative. 

Care Link Medical Information File is a free pouch that can be placed on your refrigerator to hold medical information that can be vital to emergency responders. A decal is placed on the door of the home to let emergency responders know that this information can be found on the refrigerator.

Each pouch comes with cards that can be completed for each family member outlining their medical conditions and medications.  A photograph can also be enclosed for anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia and it could be invaluable for police and/or media in locating and safely returning a missing individual.


Often when emergency services are required, it is difficult to locate medications that are prescribed to the patient.  The pouch holds information that is vital for paramedics on site.  As well if the patient is going to be transported to an emergency facility the information will assist the emergency room physician to effectively treat the patient when time is of the essence.


Now with Care Link Medical Information File, Emergency Responders, whether it be police, fire or ambulance, can go to the fridge, take the Care Link medical information file and be ready to attend to the patient.  Once the patient arrives at hospital the file is handed over to emergency staff and all of the medical information that they need is on hand.  Seconds in a crisis can save a life.


This new initiative has been introduced in Sudbury and other Northeastern Ontario communities by Care Link - 24 Hour Medical Alarm Response.  Care Link is a division of True Steel Security and provides clients with medical panic buttons that they press in case of emergency.  If required, paramedics are dispatched to assist the person.  The initial plan was to design a product that would help Care Link clients should they require medical assistance and not be able to communicate with paramedics and
physicians.  John Whitehead, General Manager of Care Link quickly realized that this product would be of value to the community as a whole and not just Care Link clients. 


More than 10,000 Care Link Medical Information File pouches were purchased by Care Link and have been distributed, free of charge, to area partners including Crime Stoppers.

Jennifer Amyotte, Chief of Professional Standards with Greater Sudbury EMS has given a glowing endorsement of this wonderful new product. Constable Linda Burns, Seniors Liaison for the Greater Sudbury Police Service has also praised the Care Link Medical Information File initiative introduced by Care Link.
The generosity of Care Link will be remembered by many as this product will be helping our emergency responders and physicians to save lives for many years to come.  Crime Stoppers is a proud partner of the Care Link Medical Information File initiative.

The Care Link Medical Information File kits are available at presentations and mall displays held by Crime Stoppers, Greater Sudbury Police Services and Ontario Provincial Police or by calling either Police Service or by contacting Crime Stoppers at 675-9171 ext:5692.