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The Greater Sudbury Police Service is delivering a motorcycle "Bike Build" project led by Rick "Ozzy" Osborne and will take place over a seven-week period, from July 12th, 2010 to October 8th, 2010 to target local at-risk youth. Ozzy's Garage was created by Astwood Strategy Corporationand developed by gang experts Michael Chettleburgh, Rick Osborne and Andrew Bacchus.  The "Ozzy's Garage" program is founded on the two premises that redemption is possible and that high risk and gang-involved youth can be reached and worked with better through a non-traditional, fun and highly skilled trades program as compared to a typical community-based intervention.  


A motorcycle has been purchased, dismantled, and will be customized by local youth. Once the bike has been completed it will be raffled off and the proceeds will be channeled to the Chief`s Youth Initiative Fund. Projects similar to this one, involving youth intervention, peer mentoring and gang suppression have been conducted in other communities with great success.


Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers would like to thank the following businesses and organizations who have contributed to the success of the "Bike Build" Project:


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On Friday, May 22nd, 2009 Crime Stoppers brought Rick Osborne to Sudbury Secondary School in Sudbury and École secondaire du la Rivière-des-Français in Noelville.


Rick Osborne is the founding director of "Truth 4 Teens" a not for profit organization that educates youth about the reality of invovlement with drugs, gangs and crime.  Rick shared his knowledge of addiction and street level crime as it relates to the drug, gang and violence issues that currently plague our communities.


Rick is considered by many an expert in the field because of his unique life experiences and his credentials.  Rick is one of Canada's leading gang experts and is Astwood Strategy Corporation's Director of Mentorship as well as co-founder and director of Astwood's Ozzy's Garage program. Rick has a B.A. in Psychology from Queen's University and an Addiction Care Worker Diploma from McMaster University.


Rick also has first hand knowledge of addition, crime and gang activity.  At age 15 he became a Heroin addict.  He declined into a criminal life style, became a member of a motorcycle gang and by age 21 he was one of Canada's Most Wanted.  He spent over 24 years in Federal Penitentiaries.


In 1993, Rick was able to slowly turn his life around and become a productive member of society.  He is now married with three step-sons and a young daughter.


Rick provided first hand insights about the impact of making wrong choices.  His straight forward approach allows teens to ask questions in an enviroment that is non-threatening and eye opening.


Crime Stoppers brought Rick Osborne to two schools in the Sudbury area in May 2009 and we hope to bring him to other local Secondary Schools to encourage students to take charge of their own enviroment and create a safe, violence/drug free community. We also want to provide options for reporting criminal activity in schools and communities.


Greater Sudbury Police Service brought Rick Osborne back in April 2010 to a number of local Secondary Schools as well as held a public presentation.

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