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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario
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Rainbow District Crime Stoppers, Sudbury, Ontario

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Make a donation to Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers


On behalf of Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers, I invite you to join forces with fellow community leaders in your area to become a regular sponsor of our program. By donating annually you will be having a direct impact on crime in our community by working with us to leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of greater safety in the street.

We are making a difference…
It is because of the support of respected organizations such as yours that Crime Stoppers has been able to make a difference in our community. Refer to our statistics page to see the difference Crime Stoppers makes.

How our program fights crime…
Crime Stoppers is a non-profit community program involving the co-operative efforts of the police, the community and the media providing the community with a proactive Program for people to anonymously assist in the solving of crime thus contributing to an improved quality of life in our community

Crime Stoppers is based on the simple principle that for every crime committed, someone other than the criminal has information that would solve the crime.


We provide the public with the opportunity to anonymously and therefore safely, communicate information that they may have regarding criminal activity. We do not subscribe to call display or call trace. Thus Crime Stoppers assists citizens in making a worthwhile contribution to stopping crime without fear of retaliation or involvement in a lengthy legal proceeding.  It also reduces apathy by offering a cash reward.


Crime Stoppers is an effective tool where the private citizen joins together with law enforcement to solve crime.  To the police, the Crime Stoppers program plays a vital role and represents a valuable and sharp-edged investigative tool.

You don't have to know about criminal activity to fight it. Your donation makes it possible for us to offer these important cash rewards to our tipsters.

We know that we can count on your ongoing support as we move forward in the battle to protect our children, our families, our friends, our neighbourhoods and our businesses from traumatic exposure to crime.  On receipt of your donation we will forward your charitable receipt and contact you to discuss recognition of your donation. Should you agree we will invoice you hereafter on an annual basis.

What's in it for you?

Depending on the size of your donation various levels of recognition are available to you.

We can't fight crime without your help.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers through the Contact Page of this web site.


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