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How do I Text a Tip?

There are three main parts to a text message Tip


1.  The Short Code replaces a phone number. The one assigned to Crime Stoppers is CRIMES (274637).


2.  Key Words are used to ensure that the tip is directed to the proper place.  Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers' key word is: TIPSUD


3.  The Message contains the key word initially and then the actual text message.


For Example

A tipster sends their first message.  They text "TIPSUD" plus their tip information to CRIMES (274637). Crime Stoppers then responds with a confirmation and a unique code number.


The tipster may respond back to Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers by simply replying.  No key word or any other identifier is needed for any subsequent contact with Crime Stoppers from that cell phone.  You need only text CRIMES (274637) and you are in touch with Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers.


A two-way dialogue through this encrypted system is possible as well, always protecting the anonymity of the tipster.  Crime Stoppers will still not know who the texter is. 



There is no premium cost for this service.  Standard text messaging rates apply for messages sent and received (if applicable).  Rates can be confirmed with your service provider.



How can you text a tip and still remain anonymous?

People provide anonymous information to Crime Stoppers to help police solve crimes.  They do so knowing that their identity will never be revealed because Crime Stoppers does not know who they are. 


As Crime Stoppers programs embrace new technology, it is essential that these strong anonymity protections remain in place. We want you to be 100% assured and feeling safe that your identity will remain anonymous!


Today the vast majority of cell phones offer a feature called Short Message

Service (SMS) to send and receive short text messages.   New technology is now available so that text messages to Crime Stoppers can be received and responded to anonymously.

In developing the TipSoft SMS system for Crime Stoppers, Anderson Software, a global leader in secure and anonymous tip management software and web applications,  worked closely with a leading Canadian information security expert, to build a system capable of two-way SMS communication without revealing the mobile phone number to Crime Stoppers. To accomplish this, the system uses a double alias approach:

  1. SMS messages from mobile phones are sent to a secure server located in Canada that is independently operated by a leading Canadian information security company, where the mobile phone number is encrypted and assigned an alias.
  2. The text message and alias are immediately forwarded to Anderson Software’s server in the United States. The Canadian server retains only the minimum information required to facilitate replies. The text message itself is not retained.
  3. Anderson Software’s server assigns a second alias and then inserts the message, along with the second alias, into the TipSoft system where it becomes available to the appropriate Crime Stoppers program.
  4. The Crime Stoppers program receives only the content of the text message and the second alias assigned by Anderson Software.
  5. Replies from the Crime Stoppers Program follow the same process in reverse. The reply is sent to the Anderson Software server, which substitutes the first alias for the second alias, sends the message to the Canadian server, which decrypts the original phone number, substitutes it for the alias, and forwards the message to the mobile telephone SMS network.

The system ensures that neither Anderson Software nor the Crime Stoppers Program have access to the mobile phone number.

The contractual arrangement between Anderson Software and the Canadian information security company requires that all information be held in strict confidence and that only the minimum information required to associate the encrypted alias with the mobile phone number is retained. This company will not release mobile phone numbers to any party. This position is supported by a Supreme Court of Canada decision that upheld the legal privilege extended to those who provide anonymous information to Crime Stoppers Programs.

The Canadian company has provided security and privacy consulting services to governments, financial institutions, insurance firms, and other public and private sector organizations in Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States and Canada. Anderson Software is pleased to work with this company to ensure that people contacting Crime Stoppers through their mobile phones receive the same level of anonymity associated with more traditional communication methods.

For an instructional video click here


If you have any information about any serious crime, please call Crime Stoppers.
If your tip leads to an arrest or recovery of property or narcotics

you may be eligible for a cash reward.
You will never have to give your name or testify in court and Crime Stoppers doesn’t have call display or call trace.
Call Crime Stoppers locally at

222-TIPS (8477) or toll free at 1-800-222-TIPS


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