Submit A Tip

How To Submit a Tip

Call Crime Stoppers

Telephone | 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) from anywhere on the North American Continent and it will give you the closest Crime Stopper program. Submit your data to the ‘Call Taker’ and they in turn will send your information to the correct Crime Stopper Program.

Crime Stoppers does not want to know who you are. We do not subscribe to ‘Call Display’, ‘Call Trace’, record phone conversations, or take any action that may identify you, the caller. When you call, you will be given a confidential code number. Do not, under any circumstances, give that number to anyone else. This is the only way we can link you to your tip information. Depending on the information and crime, you will be asked to call back at certain intervals to obtain an update on your information. Since we do not know you, or your phone number, YOU have to initiate any contact with us.

Do not use a cell phone when calling as these calls could be monitored by scanners. Use a secure land line number to call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Text Crime Stoppers

Send your message to CRIMES (274637) and at the beginning of the body, type in TIPSUD.

Complete your message. Your messages are secure and anonymous.

Tipsters can submit anonymous tips via text message (SMS – Short Message Service) from cell phones. The Crime Stoppers program receives only the content of the text message and a Tipster ID assigned by the Software. Crime Stoppers will be able to reply back to you without knowing your true identity or cell phone number. Your tips are secure and anonymous!

Submit Online

Crime Stopper has a secure website link which can be accessed for your convenience. Your information will be encrypted and provided to Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers. If you use this method to provide Crime Stoppers with information you may call the phone number at a later date for an update or continue to use web tips to ask for an update. To add more information or to get an update use the special code number you will be given. This number is yours alone. Do not give this number to any other person.