animal abuse is a crime

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working towards

a safe community

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working towards

a safe community

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submit a tip

If you have any information in regards to a crime or missing persons, please notify us.


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List of upcoming events for supporters and community. 


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Support your community’s safety financially with a donation.  


Night Golf
September 29th, 2017

How is your golf game after dark?

Join us at Cedar Green Golf Club for an evening of fun, food and golf!

For more info check out our upcoming events page.


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Your community needs your help. A financial donation can forward the efforts for a safer city.

get involved

Crime Stoppers relies on the active support and participation of our network of local volunteers.

It is a successful community program that encourages people to call the Tips Line with information to solve local crimes. Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers needs volunteers to work along with Board members during fundraising and public awareness events.

Do you have the background? Do you want to share your experience and skills and help your community? If you’re up for a challenge or just looking to do something a little different and more worthwhile with your free time, why not become a volunteer?

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